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About Me

I am one of those lucky people who has always known what I wanted to do with my life.  I received my first camera when I was 8 years old and from then on I was hooked!  I never went anywhere with out my camera…ever.  I spent my school years taking classes and practicing anything I learned by having my friends dress up for endless photo shoots.  While I always knew that I wanted to be a photographer, I always thought I would work for a newspaper or even the military to travel and capture world events.  But then, I fell into my current business.  I went to an out-of-town wedding armed with my brand new DSLR.  The bride mentioned that she did not have a photographer and thus, Memories by Lauren was born!  For many years I shot weddings, but as my own family grew, my passion turned to family and child photography.  I love to preserve those special snuggles, the little expressions, and the love between a family. I feel so blessed to be invited into your life and thank you all for allowing me to capture your fleeting moments!

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Tel: 210-387-6730

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