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Bluebonnet Mini Sessions 2018

***4/1- I am adding some additional sessions. I don't think the flowers will have any problem lasting another week, however the field is being used a lot by other people/photographers. There is always a chance things get too trampled to shoot. I will be continually checking on the field throughout the week to make sure conditions remain good. If by any chance I don't feel that the bluebonnets are acceptable, I will notify you right away and your deposit will be refunded.

Spring is here and I will once again be doing bluebonnet minis! As of this moment I only have a few sessions to offer, so space is limited. I will be adding sessions as the flowers and weather permit, so if you don't get a session...keep checking!

Package Details:

The special includes a 25 minute session with a high-resolution CD of the edited images (color only). You will also receive a link giving you the capability to upload the pictures to your computer for immediate use! The total cost will be $100. A $20 non-refundable retainer is required at sign up with the remaining $80 due at the time of the session. If you prefer to pay the entire fee online, that option is available during sign up as well.

Please go to the link below to sign up for your session. Choose your desired session and click ‘Sign Up’ and you will be prompted to pay your deposit and enter your information.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!!!

*Locations subject to change at any time.

**Because of an extremely hectic schedule turn around time may be longer than usual.

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